ModX Manager is not loading


After login the manager dashboard page is opened but the newsfeed card is showing a wheel and also the security card is showing a wheel. When i select any menu from the manager an empty page is shown.

I had this behaviour on 2 different sites with Version 2.6 and after upgrading yesterday to 2.7 everything was ok. Today again the same problem.

Any ideas?


MODX 2.7.3pl

While upgrading, did you jump straight to the newest version or did you take several steps? It is recommended to not skip major updates like 2.7.0 and to install them before going to 2.7.3

Also on which 2.6 version where your sites at? There were some big security issues in all versions prior 2.6.5 so you site could’ve been breached potentially.

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I had 2.6.5 installed before. The strange thing is, it was working fine yesterday after the update and today again not. I tried to delete the cache via rm -rf modx/core/cache/* but this did not work.
The other site, which where not working yesterday and worked after the upgrade is still working well.

Perhaps this helps to find the solution

Sounds like CORS issues, not necessarily MODX itself. More information about that:

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Hi @alfi65, welcome to the MODX Community. Did you get this resolved? Was it one of the answers that you found here that led to resolving your issues or was it some other solution you could perhaps share with the community in case they encounter something similar in the future.

@vibedesign with exception of 2.3.0 this is pretty much a MODX urban legend. In 2.3 there were a couple new columns added to tables that sometimes do not properly get added to the database. It should otherwise be fine to upgrade to the latest if you’re on a version later than 2.3.x

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