Modx Manager connection pb on 0.9.5

Hello everybody,
I have problems to connect to the manager with my old modx site which is on 0.9.5 version. Yes that’s quite old. I get many errors like this one when connecting to the manager :
Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/www/manager/includes/ on line 10

It then ends with this message :
Incorrect username or password entered!

Impossible to reset the password.
Is it a mysql upgrade problem ? Any idea how to resolve this to let me in the manager ?
Any possibilities to upgrade to another version from ftp ?

This thing seems to be arround 14 years old!
0.9.5 Soft Launch | MODX Community Forums
I have the feeling this will get a bigger task to repair and upgrade/migrate.

Hi Bruno, thx for replying back.
You’re right, 14 years old !!! It’s like it was the internet birth !
It’s been days I’m trying to get a solution to my problem and now that I ask for help on the community forum, I find a way to get inside the manager by modifying in the “” file this line : $database_server = ‘MySql5-1’
$database_server = ‘urlofmysite.mysql.db’

This helped me to get inside the manager after clicking on the lost password link. Once inside, easy to change the admin password with a new one…
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