MODX is listed as the 7th most popular CMS software for March 2019

You can check the full list here:


This is great! MODX deserves a higher ranking, but this isn’t bad at all.


Not enough activity on the Internet:

  • reviews on the same portal Only 39 reviews? What is it like? If everyone leaves a review, our rating will grow!
  • It is necessary to promote СMS in social networks! And we need a strategy. Look at the numbers of competitors. What should we write more posts and specify #modx hashtags on the same twitter?
  • Who does our marketing system?

It is necessary to pay attention to these points: the popularity, new customers, developers will grow. Everyone will be in the black!


Weebly and Wix above Modx? Come on. :rofl:


MODX CEO Ryan Thrash spoke about [and admitted to how bad] MODX marketing has been up to this point at the MODX event in Amsterdam last week. 56m45s in for the marketing part.

It sounds like they have some ideas which is good - but I agree with @ibochkarev there is much that the community can do as well.

I believe this new community forum can help in itself by providing a vibrant, social experience for new and existing users.

Keep engaging folks!


Rank is poor. We need more and more developers to contribute and give their time. We need more social presence. … We need to share things about Modx.
I try my best. I comment on youtube videos of coding, html, php ,cms ,wordpress, hacking, adobexd etc topic videos to promote and contribute little from my side. I tell them to try Modx. Design freedom, Simple, yet powerful. Secure, yet fast and flexible.
You guys also do the same on youtube, fb pages… We need more users. More and more … :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I am waiting for Fred 1.1 Cant wait for more Fred videos also. Modx + Fred can beat Elementor and Divi (wordpress page builders which makes wordpress even more popular and powerful) single hand.
now its time for Fred to show the magic.

Modx team should promote Fred more and more. Most or the users choose wordpress because of page builders … They just install wordpress, install page builder like elementor and build pages in no time.
Now its Modx team to do something to let new webrs choose Modx over Wordpress and do the same with Fred. <3 :heart:

The most significant reason WordPress became the dominant player in the CMS space is not because of the tools or things like recent Page Builders (which have significantly enhanced the UX for non-designers) and, before that Theme Systems. It was because of the massive promotion of WordPress by its user community and bloggers who have written millions of articles and published thousands of tutorials about how to use it. It became well known through the work of its everyday users who shared their love for and helped teach the world of it’s merits.

Articles and blog posts about MODX have been a rare treat over the past decade and only a few people have written much about it—including our amazing fans in Russia and Belarus.

We need awareness of MODX spread far and wide. We need companies who build their sites on MODX to be proud of it and let people know. We need agencies who build on MODX to write it in their emails and show people how it works. This is how WordPress became so great: sharing of individuals.