Modx Evo v 1.0.4

I’m looking for the complete files for Evo 1.0.4. That is what is showing in modx_system_setting:

settings_version 1.0.4

Long story but if someone can point me to where I can download it all that would be super helpful.

Thanks in advance!

As Evo has parted ways with MODX you’re probably best off looking into the past releases of the Evo Github page:

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I had checked there already but it doesn’t have what I need. It only goes back to v 1.3.0. I’ll try that one but pretty sure I need to get v 1.0.4.

The only thing I can find on it is this page: but there isn’t anything to download there.

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@ susprod

You can download older versions from the EVO documentation site, found here:

Your version is at the bottom of the list

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Thank you a millions times over! That is exactly what I wanted.

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