MODx clear MODX.Console before call


how could I clear MODX.Console?
Every time the Console ist loaded, sometimes there is no output, sometimes the old output.

How could I start with clear MODX.Console?

Thank you in advance


The ImportX extra seems to call the destroy() function before loading the console.

(But I don’t know if that is the best way to do this.)

thank you.

I tried it. But there was no change… :thinking:

no ideas? :thinking:

I have more info about this phenomenon.
I all is good there a periodically POST request zu System/Console like in screen.

If it failes, there is only one request and no periodically POST requests.
But I have no idea why…

The response to request looks like this:

Dont know why a complete true is coming.

May be it depends on cache…

Also may be a known problem:

Thank you in advance.