MODX 3 video's and tutorials for clients

With the MODX 3 now making it’s way, I want to roll it out to my clients. But I’m looking for attractive video’s to convince them what MODX 3 is. But, I’m sorry to say, communication about MODX 3 is still focussed on developers, not end users.

I was hoping there would be more of a focus on the client’s side of MODX. But maybe I’m missing some great video’s and tutorials that demonstrate in a simple way the strength and usability of MODX 3. Is anyone aware of great video content on MODX 3 that is suited for end users (clients that are NOT developers)?

All I can find is these kind of video’s, which scare my clients (with all respect to the developer community that is working on great solutions):

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Hey @gerbenNL

I could be wrong but I’m not sure you’ll find much video content aimed at client end-users.

The reason for this lies in one of MODX’s strengths: flexibility.

It’s MODX’s best selling point and is what attracted me to it in the first place, many years ago.

I love being able to say:

Yes, we can!

when clients ask for custom functionality.

And they do. All the time.

This results in a very unique experience when you log into the Manager for each of the sites we all build - and because of that - I think it’d be virtually impossible to create universal videos to promote the use of the Manager.

The extras installed also change the landscape of the Manager hugely. Content may be managed through TVs, MIGX TVs, Content Blocks, FRED etc and where would you even start trying to cover all of that?

You’re right to say that available content is focussed at developers - I think it’s up to developers to sell MODX to the clients.

How you do that will depend on the way you build with MODX - but looking at a client’s website brief and being able to reply:

Yes, we can!

to every request goes a long way, I believe.

MODX lets you do this.

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You proof exactly what I mean: what you value is nice, but not of end users business. Throwing in abbreviations like TV’s, and FRED rather scare them than attract them.

“What is MODX? I’ve never heard of it.”
“You need it. It can manage content through TV’s and FRED.”
“I mean, what do I get? Can I work with it?”
“Just trust me, MODX lets you do this.”
“Do what exactly?”
“Let me show it…”
That last part is missing.

The ‘yes we can’ is hardly a selling point to clients. Of course they expect that developers and MODX can build anything they want. But in the end they want to be able to use it; that is were I’m missing a clear presentation.

dejaya is right — it’s up to us to sell it.

What I do is have a sample MODX site set up that clients can log into to see how it works. I also created an online MODX manual with details of how to use the typical sites I set up. This site is customized to a degree for each client; for example, I have pages about certain plugins, and can enable access to those pages for clients to whom they apply.

For some potential clients, I hold Zoom sessions and have a bunch of my sites loaded in my browser so I can show them the Manager for each of these sites, and how customized it can be to each client’s needs. That has won me a number of contracts.

If you want a video, you’d have to make your own, showing various sites the way YOU set them up.

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“What is MODX? I’ve never heard of it.”
“It’s a flexible platform that gives me the tools I need to build you a bespoke website which you can then manage yourself.”

“I mean, what do I get? Can I work with it?”
“Absolutely! You get access to a special online portal, tailored to your site, where you can easily add pages and media. Your site structure is shown in a tree, so you can visualise exactly what you’re editing, and use either simple forms or full-blown page builders with drag&drop visual elements if you want to get really creative with a page. Any features you don’t need are disabled so it’s easy to find what you need.”

“Do what exactly?”
“While your site will be uniquely suited to what you need, why don’t we take a look at a different site we just launched over coffee, to give you a taste of what’s possible and how we can help you accomplish your goals. Are you free to come over to our office tomorrow for a demo?”


:grinning:, I know the answers, but I’m looking for more video content and other material.

Hey @gerbenNL

Sorry, I wasn’t disagreeing with you at all - I agree that there isn’t really anything aimed at the client.

But the nature of MODX means that something aimed at my client may not be relevant to yours.

As other folks have said here - it’s really useful to demo your own work or even to set up your own demo site. That way you are demonstrating to the client what you like to do with MODX and what kind of results you can get for them.

I wouldn’t throw that kind of chat at a prospective client - that was just me to you - dev to dev :wink:

Just my opinion - but in my experience - it’s a fabulous selling point :+1:

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I know what you mean and value what you write. And I agree with all that is written here: I also make demo’s, video tutorials, and try to tell (potential) customers in plain language that what they want (or rather: their business goals) can be achieved with MODX.

But it would help greatly if there were some demo websites/videos on what is possible. Let them dream by good examples.

We make our own videos and documentation that are specific to each client and situation. We use the “Quickstart Buttons” extra to put that documentation on the dashboard so it’s easy to find. Then we field calls, emails and texts from them because they didn’t read/watch it.