MODX 3 VersionX 3 - How


does anyone have experience with VersionX 3?

I am thinking how it is possible the programmatically get delta for a resource an its TVs.
So I could track for example a pricing change.

Thank you in advance.


You can use xPDO with the provided xPDO model to access specific data in VersionX 3.

Each individually changed fields is a vxDeltaField object, so for example vxDeltaField.field is going to have a value like mytv.

Multiple vxDeltaField objects are tied to a vxDelta object which groups together all changes made at a specific point in time, where the principal_class and principal fields tell you what the thing that was changed was (typically, a resource with a certain ID).

(Note that the vxResource, vxTemplate, etc models are still defined and exist, but they are no longer used. That’s only still there to make migrations from v2 possible.)

thank you very much, Mark! :pray: