MODX 3 on MODXCloud

What happened to MODX 3 in MODXCloud?

I was going to test it out in a cloud and see that it is no longer an option. I have installed MODX3 in the past but deleted the cloud and backups…


Hi Roy,

MODX 3 is still in Cloud. It’s available as a pre-release version. When you are creating a new Cloud, first, you need to click on the change cloud link at the right of the New Cloud view. Second, you’ll need to then check the box below the selection dropdown to enable the selection and view of pre-releases. See the screenshot below.

Do let us know by contacting support [ at ] for 1:1 assistance if this is not working in your account.


Thanks, that is how I installed MODX3 in the past. But even checking the pre-release does not add it to the list now.

I was going to do some testing out of MODX3. Is there a online resource that covers what kind of testing would help with the development? I be glad to try out some features and provide feedback.


I wanted to post an update to note that we solved @rdegler’s problem.

There was a bug in Cloud that prevented seeing MODX 3 as an option for creating new Clouds. It was a bug related to groups inside MODX Cloud. We were able to resolve it, but it was an unusual issue that we’ve never seen before and possibly may never recur.


I just want to thank you, Veljko, Mike and Jasmina for helping out with the issue. As always the MODXCloud team is very helpful

For those of you that are not on MODXCloud, definitely consider moving your sites over. The platform and service are great!