MODX 3 and Fred Ace Integration/Fred TinyMCE RTE/Fred Font Awesome 5 Icon Editor

Are there any plans to make Fred Ace Integration, Fred TinyMCE RTE and Fred Font Awesome 5 Icon Editor compatible with MODX 3? Tried installing them in MODX 3.0.1 with no luck.

Alternatively, is there another Rich Text Editor that can be used with Fred in MODX 3?

Redactor supports MODX3 and Fred. Can’t say I’ve tested it specifically with the new Fred release for MODX 3 yet, but assuming @theboxer hasn’t changed the way RTEs need to be implemented, I’d say there’s a very good chance that’ll work!

Instructions on enabling Redactor for Fred can be found here. Make sure to grab a free development license to try it out, and send an email to support if you run into issues with it.

Also now that I’ve tagged @theboxer maybe you’ll get an answer with regards to those other Fred extensions, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also hoping for Tiny MCE to be working sometime

Fred 2.0.1 on MODX 3 doesn’t install custom events correctly.

According to this issue “this affects the Fred TinyMCE integration.”

Maybe the snippet code in the issue helps to fix the problem.