Modx 3.0.2 Save Weirdness

Upgraded my site to Modx 3.0.2 from 2.8.4 and 8.1 on the Modx Cloud.
Employed typical Modx Cloud install and complete upgrade mechanics.
Everything public runs great! - After some fixes to my older templates etc. Hoorah!

Before update converted to Collections from GridclassKey for large post and video collections.
Removed, Updated, and/or Reinstalled a typical list older Extras.
Articles etc, Babel, Clientconfig, CodeMirror, Collections, Formit, getPage, If,
Login, MinifyX, pdoTools, Personalize, pThumb, Recaptcha V2, Resizer, SEO Suite, SimpleSearch,
SEO Tab, TinyMCE, TinyMCE Rich Text Editor, VersionX

Do I have a bad Setting somewhere?

Have Manager annoying Manager issues:

Any Save of a Doc generates a never ending save dialog box.
Dev Tools Networks shows a 500 Post error to /connectors/index.php as a a strick-origin-when-cross-origin fault. ???
A manual refresh shows the save makes changes to the Db.

The Recently Edited Resources widget does not display anything.
The VersionX based Recent Resources Changes list does not display changes but does display Saves and Edit to added Docs in Collections.

Did you check the PHP error log on the server, to see if something gets logged when you save a resource.

Maybe there is a plugin that runs on the event “OnDocFormSave” (Fires after a resource is saved in the manager), that is not compatible with PHP 8.1 or MODX 3.

You could (temporarily) deactivate these plugins to see if that solves the issue (and then try to identify the one causing the error).

In the manager, when you go to “Cogwheel icon” → “System Settings” → tab “System Events” and search for “OnDocFormSave” in the search field, it shows a list of all the plugins that run on this event.

The OnDocFormSave test did the trick. Thx. Not PHP version.
The SimpleSearchIndexer Plugin caused the problem so I disabled it.
Lord knows what that does to search results. :=0
Have the 3.0.0 alpha installed so we hope this goes away in a future update of the Extra.

I believe this is a relict from an older version of SimpleSearch. It seems that this plugin was used to update the index for Solr, but Solr support was removed from SimpleSearch.

This plugin probably should have been removed by an upgrade of the extra.
When you do an clean installation of the current version of SimpleSearch, there is no longer a plugin.

Thank you!
I get the SimpleSearch DOA for Solr now.
Saw the Solr reference in the plugin code.
No search index worries.
Will kill the Plugin so I don’t forget.
Site cleanup after a decade of modx releases sometimes is the issue. Eheh.
Modx 3.02 Rocks.
Well worth the more than usual but still minor upgrade hassles.

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