MODX 3.0.0 package management processor not found

Upgrading from MODX 2.8.3 to 3.0.0-rcl for the first time, and all seems good except for the Package Management section, which is displaying the error message: “Requested processor not found” and in the error log I see:

[2022-01-31 10:14:09] (ERROR @ /home/yamac/core/src/Revolution/modX.php : 1784) Unable to load processor for action “workspace/providers/getlist”, it does not exist as an autoloadable class that extends \MODX\Revolution\Processors\Processor, and also not as a file in “/home/yamac/core/src/Revolution/Processors/workspace/providers/getlist.class.php”`

Two packages were installed (prior to the upgrade) but they are not displaying (“No data to display”) and when I see if I can re-download them, I cannot because the download buttons do not show when I find them in the installer search list (presumably because they have already been installed). I can download other packages, but they do not then show as downloaded and so cannot be installed.

Is there a solution for this?

Can you try clearing your browser cache?

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My mistake. I had cleared the core/cache on the server, but didn’t think that the browser cache might cause something like that. But, yes, when I cleared the browser cache the packages appeared normally and the error message disappeared.

Thank you very much.

@markh does this not suggest that it might be good to cache bust the javascript during upgrades?

I thought we already had that and cases like this was just a sticky cache (especially chrome is a repeat offender), but apparently the cachebuster was indeed missing. Added.

I’m glad to hear that. The Chrome cache was causing all kinds of trouble when updating 2.8.3 to 3.0 in UpgradeMODX. I don’t know if it’s still true, but Chrome is also famous for not clearing everything when you tell it to clear the cache (hence Chrome extensions like Cache Killer).