MODX 2.8.4. TV listbox values how to translate?


I am asking me how is it possible to show translates values of listbox tv in manager?

I have a template variable of type listbox and some values like this:


Is it possible to show it translated in resource view?

thank you in advance


Do you just need a more readable label?

You can do this with syntax like this:

Option 1==value1||Option 2==value2

See the documentation:

thank you.
Is it possible to use translation from lexicon?

Lexicon tags ([[%...]]) directly in the field “Input Option Values” doesn’t seem to work.
But you could use a @-binding:

For example: @CHUNK chunkName
and then use lexicon tags in the chunk or call a snippet that returns the correct labels.

great idea.
that works good.

many thanks. :pray: