Minishop2 Problem with transfer the value from [[+size]]

hey i have a problem with minishop2. I want the clicked values in “msProduct.content” to be sent as an e-mail.
However, only the article numbers, the price and the weight are transmitted. Unfortunately not the size.
Sending the mail is not a problem. However, the “size” value is not transmitted.
I did it with the button like this:

have anyone any idea how i can fix it ?

Thank you all!

Hi @Rykoutech,
as you can see in msProduct.content additional snippet is used for size option, this isn’t a basic one but additional.


Please check tpl.msOptions chunk is used by msOptions, you should have a similar approach in your’s email body.

Hey @himurovich, thanks for your quick reply.
There is no tpl.msOptions in msOptions.
This is not included by default, is it?

Oh sorry, it is used in msOptions…
is used in msProduct.content

This is what it looks like in the button code *

hey, and the msOption Snippet Looks like that:


Do you use fenom? if so this might happen for your link(or custom snippet for more compact view):

<a href = "mailto: Subject = Product request <Artikel Nummer: [[+ article]], {foreach $options as $option}{if $option.caption is 'size'}{$option.value}{/if}{/foreach}, [[+ weight ]] Kg> "> Produktanfrage </a>

no im notusing fenom :slight_smile:

I’m already a bit desperate :smiley: it never works the way I want it … I just wonder why the link doesn’t take on the value of [[+size]].

Please create next custom snippet and call it somewhere on your page:

$resourceID = $modx->resource->id;
$desiredOptionKey = 'size';

$product = $modx->getObject('msProduct', array(
  'id' => $resourceID

$options = $product->getMany('Options');
foreach ($options as $dataKey => $dataValue) {
	if ($dataKey == $desiredOptionKey) {
		$modx->setPlaceholder("product_size", $dataValue); // or maybe $dataValue[0], please clarify this using print_r($dataValue) 

and after

<a href = "mailto: Subject = Product request <Artikel Nummer: [[+article]], [[+product_size]], [[+weight]] Kg> "> Produktanfrage </a>

I have now created a new snippet with the content called “Product_size”. Then I added the snippet to msProduct.content and adjusted the link. But unfortunately it only shows me error messages when I reload the page.

Do you use this snippet on the product page? Could you please send here the errors you’ve got?

Hey, yes, I used it for the msProduct.content chunk.
Because my customer suddenly no longer needs the function :smiley: But i thank you so much for your help!