Minishop2 manager order window not showing after "update" button click

For some time now I can’t open minishop2 orders from the manager. Usually, a kind of modal window is showed after clicking the button “update” on the minishop2 manager section to handle orders. It is no longer the case, with any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). Therefore, it is impossible to access single orders.

The computer is a Mac with High Serra installed. As for Safari, the version is 12.1.2. MODX version: Revolution 2.5.1-pl.

What could be the problem? Modal windows are activated and Javascript seems to work properly.

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I don’t know if you will get Minishop2 support here. I think there is a minishop2 English forum that I have come across, but can’t find it now. You might want to contact them on slack or github

Do you have any errors in the log? Can you watch in the dev console of the browser to look for errors as well.

Also pls update Modx before you do anything else, as there have been some vulnerabilities discovered