Minishop2 how to change the resolution of the Thumbnails?

Hey guys, I can’t figure out how to change the resolutions of the thumbnail in Minishop2.
I found an entry about the resolution in the msGallery snippet. Now I do not know what this is accessing.
I couldn’t find anything in the system settings either.

Didn’t you ask this question before?

Change the property thumbnails in the media source MS2 Images.

Ohu, yes that can be. but now I have the problem that in the product overview, the problem still exists and the images are not displayed as PNG.

So what is your current value of the media source property thumbnails?

To create PNG thumbnails add "f":"png" to the relevant config in thumbnails or maybe change the media source property thumbnailType.

If you don’t see the changes, then you probably have to regenerate the thumbnails.

Where can I access the thumbnails?
And where can I find the properties of the media source? :slight_smile:

In the top menu go to “Media” → “Media Sources”.
Then right-click the row with the name “MS2 Images” and select “Update Media Source”.

hey thank you very much. I have now changed the settings. but unfortunately the picture is still not bigger. I assigned a style to the images in the msProducts.row chunk, but unfortunately the image is pixelated.

 {if $thumb?}
            <img class="thumb"src="{$thumb}" alt="{$pagetitle}" title="{$pagetitle}" style="height: 150px; width:200px;"/>

When you go to the resource of your product, change to the tab “Gallery” and then click “Update all” under the button with the 3 cog-wheels, does that work?