Migxdb Permission tab in config

Hi All

I have been using migxdb for a long while and it is my go to for creating CMPs to connect up my customs tables and works great.

My issue is that i want the CMP to work or show different fields or as a minimum not allow one user group or a group with a certain permission to do one thing (add new item?) and another user without that permission to do a certain action.

I have stumbled across a new (or i think it is) permission tab within the config creator but i can’t find any documentation on or any mention of it on the forums.

Could someone provide a brief insight as to how it works, what the fields accept, what it does once filled in.

below is a screenshot of the interface.

Massively appreciate the support as always and im sure this will help other users in the future

I could be wrong, but looking at the code, it seems that this “Permissions” tab isn’t used at all in the current version of the extra (3.0.0-alpha5).

Thanks for the reply, thats unfortunate, i feel like it could be useful to have permissions based configs to modify what the user can see depending on who is logged in.

An alternative approach i could use is that i create a duplicate migx config of the one with full permissions (which is simple to do) and remove the functionality i don’t want the user to have in the cloned config (like ability to add new items etc) and create a new menu item that only shows that new config CMP when a certain user group logs in and the other config when another user with different permissions is logged into the manager.

But it does not feel elegant as i will have a different config for each user group which will all need to be maintained if for example i update one config with a new field i will then need to go through each of my duplicates to make sure they match

The permissions of the permissions tab is only used at custom APIs currently.

You can hide fields by adding a restrictive condition to the field.
A snippet, which returns an empty string will show the field.
If it returns anything, it will hide the field.

So you can check for specific permissions and return an empty string or 1 in that snippet.