MigxDb: can't get multiple render.ClickCrossTick working

I have two fields defined as render.ClickCrossTick in the overview of a MigxDb as shown in the screenshot.
The one with the fieldname “published” works as great. Clicking it’s green checkmark toggles to a red cross and vice versa.
However, the field “published_footer” ignores the clicks.

How can I get both fields working?

Looking at the code

it seems that the purpose of render.ClickCrossTick is indeed only to publish/unpublish an object (handler = 'this.publishObject' | handler = 'this.unpublishObject').

Maybe you can use this.renderSwitchStatusOptions instead. Fill out the “Renderoptions” (at the bottom of the form) and I believe you also have to activate this.handleColumnSwitch (in the tab “Handlers”) to make it work.

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that’s what I usually use for other fields, than published