MIGX: Use multiple_formtabs_optionstext in Column

Hi fellas,
I have a multi formtabs configuration and I would like to show the multiple_formtabs_optionstext in my grid column. I also tried renderChunk without luck.

I am trying to achieve this:

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I use a small snippet for this:

if (!isset($input)) {
	return 'use as output filter on [[+MIGX_formname:migxGetOptionName]]';

$migx = $modx->getService('migx', 'Migx', $modx->getOption('migx.core_path', null, $modx->getOption('core_path') . 'components/migx/') . 'model/migx/', $scriptProperties);

$config = $modx->getObject('migxConfig', array('name' => $input, 'deleted' => '0'));

$extended = json_decode($config->extended);

return $extended->multiple_formtabs_optionstext;

And call it in the renderer like this:


    "renderchunktpl":"<b> [[+MIGX_formname:migxGetOptionName]]<\/b>",

Make sure that the snippet is NOT static, it some how does not work if its static

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Thank you very much, that works perfectly!

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