Migx: session error 401 in manager when switching context

My Setup:
2 Contexts
2 Domains (one of them is a subdomain)
Manager Plugin: Gateway Manager

I set up a Migx and a TV (Migxdb) and assigned it to one of my templates and I want to access the TV in both contexts. Now, as soon as I click on a resource in a context (no matter which one), a pop up message displays this error:

Code: 401 Unauthorized
{“success”:false,“message”:“Access denied.”,“total”:0,“data”:[],“object”:{“code”:401}}

followed by the login dialogue.
After clicking the ‘Login’ button, a message saying ‘Session prolonged’ appears.
As soo as I again click the resource, the Code 401 error message pops up again.

I then created a resource group and assigned the template, the TV and the resources to it.
Unfortunately, this had no effect and the message keeps on popping up.

What am I missing?

Your user account seems to be missing a permission. Which one is a little hard to debug, unfortunately.

Open your browsers developer tools and the net/network tab. Open a resource.

Now go through all of the AJAX requests that get sent when the manager is initialised, and find the one with the 401 unauthorised response.

For that request, on the Request tab, look for the parameters. There’s one called action, which indicates which processor is being called. When you’ve found the action, we can help you find the associated permission from the processors’ source file.

Some common culprits for the missing permissions include view_template and users.

Did you use any custom renderers? if so did you use static snippet or static chunks in there?
try setting then non-static, there is a problem with rights that I could trace to the getChunk function theat does not alow statick snippets to be parsed tru xhr somhow. when setting them non static it worked, or set the user to sudo…

Hi Mark, hi Dimmy, thank you for your hints.
The good thing: the message stopped from popping up.
The bad thing: I cannot say why it stopped, feeling unsure if it’s about the cause or the symptoms.
There was a browser update though, but this is just guessing…

As I am currently extending the MIGXdb schemes of this project, I will pick up this thread again in case the message dares to show up further more.