MigX Question regarding dynamic inputs/selects

Hi All!

Does anyone know how to have dynamic select options in a MigX form config?

Case in point:

I have a map application where when someone chooses from the “type” dropdown either canadian or american, I’d like the datafile dropdown to be populated only with options based on their selection.

Currently the datafile loads options using an @CHUNK call
See screenshot below for context:

Thanks in advance!

that should be possible with the dynamicDropdownTV

Thanks Bruno - can this be done without TVs just using configs in MigX? If so, are there any exmplaes anywhere? What would the input tv type be? “dynamicdropdown” ?

To be clear, Bruno’s answer (as usual) is solid. dynamicDropdownTV does meet my needs. A config only solution I am still not sure of. I tend to like config only as it feels more self contained and portable.

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