MIGX not storing data on tables

I created a CMP with MIGX to show team members in a website with their positions, social accounts links, name etc.
All is working fine and I am able to add data from CMP and also I can able to see in site.
But I checked that the table I created via MIGX is empty in phpmyadmin mysql database .

Why its not storing data on tables and how it is showing on site ?

Here is my xml schema -

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<model package="team" baseClass="xPDOObject" platform="mysql" defaultEngine="MyISAM" version="1.1">
    <object class="Team" table="team" extends="xPDOSimpleObject">
        <field key="membername" dbtype="varchar" precision="255" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>
        <field key="memberposition" dbtype="text" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>
        <field key="memberimage" dbtype="text" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>
        <field key="memberfb" dbtype="text" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>
        <field key="membertwitter" dbtype="text" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>
        <field key="memberinstagram" dbtype="text" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>
        <field key="memberlinkedin" dbtype="text" phptype="string" null="false" default=""/>

        <field key="createdon" dbtype="datetime" phptype="datetime" null="true"/>
        <field key="createdby" dbtype="int" precision="10" attributes="unsigned" phptype="integer" null="false" default="0" />
        <field key="editedon" dbtype="datetime" phptype="datetime" null="true"/>
        <field key="editedby" dbtype="int" precision="10" attributes="unsigned" phptype="integer" null="false" default="0" />
        <field key="deleted" dbtype="tinyint" precision="1" attributes="unsigned" phptype="integer" null="false" default="0" />
        <field key="published" dbtype="tinyint" precision="1" attributes="unsigned" phptype="integer" null="false" default="0" />
        <aggregate alias="CreatedBy" class="modUser" local="createdby" foreign="id" cardinality="one" owner="foreign"/>
        <aggregate alias="EditedBy" class="modUser" local="editedby" foreign="id" cardinality="one" owner="foreign"/>

I created with MIGX package manager.
Create package > Save Schema > Parse Schema > Create Tables. All got success.

Why its not showing on table?

maybe, you are looking into the wrong table? If everything works, there must be table, where it gets stored. Are you looking into a table named modx_team ?

No. Its custom prefix so no confusion.
Also tried with another cmp from scratch but same problem…

I selected db tables in formtab and columns and everything is working as it should be but not storing on database table. Strange.

So, you are saying, you can add items and see them in the CMP, but you don’t see them in your table, when looking with phpmyadmin?

Yes exactly. Table is empty even i have created 4-5 entries…

Maybe you can dump the whole database to a file (tab “Export” in phpMyAdmin) and then search in this file for the content you entered. It has to be stored somewhere.

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what is your MIGX config. Can you export the json and post it here, please?

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I got it… I found it on modx_team. Strange that the table was not present earlier and now checking again after few hours, its there and also another table. Its very strange that I created it with custom prefix and it should be there with custom prefix but it was not, and that time, the modx_team table was not present.
Maybe my client’s database is responsible for this.

Really very sorry for this post.
Thank @bruno17 and @halftrainedharry :neutral_face:

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Thats the reason, why I allways suggest not to use a custom prefix.

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