MIGX in MIGX, Multiple Formtabs a automatic Column Grid

Hi,my task is to create a variable with which the CMS user will be able to add an unlimited number of different types of data. Let’s say we have an “article” page there will be texts, photos, mp3s, quotes, statistics, videos, etc. in any order and quantity.

I started by creating two types of MiGX:

  1. text with description field (type: richtext)
  2. photo with image (type: image) and alt (type: text) ) fields.

I added these two MIGX for a test to the TV template and got:

This is OK and now I need to combine these two variables into one MIGX mu be able to add unlimited text and photo alternately.

I created a MIGX multi variable to which I pointed the MIGX text and photo variables in the Multiple Formtabs field.

I added the MIGX multi to the template and in the TV I have:

It is OK, I can add variables text and photo:

I added the text and photo module but there is a problem because the MIGX text and photo variable columns are not displayed.

How to make it automatically create column grid (headers and display data), such as were in MIGX text and photo? E.g. like this (visualization done in photoshop)

Please help.

My guess is, that when you want to create something similar to what you visualized in Photoshop, you have to create a custom renderer.

There is some information about custom renderers in this video on Youtube.

Also, for such a task, you may want to take a look at the extra ContentBlocks instead of using MIGX.

Yes I know, I’ve even started a custom renderer already. However, it is quite complicated, and when adding a new module to MIGX multi will have to make a fix. I am looking for a default solution, if there is a possibility of Multiple Formtab then there should be a default way to display them.

If you give the different fields in the different configurations the same name (for example the same name for the richtext field in “text” and the alt field in “photo”), then you can output them in the same grid column.

You can also output the image normally in a column with the this.renderImage renderer. This column then just remains empty for rows of type “text”.

Thank you for the tips, they are understandable to me. But all the time it is a solution that requires a lot of writing in custom renders, for example: how I would like one of the modules in MIGX multi to be a photo gallery. For the time being, this is also the only solution, and I guess be will have to do it through custom renders.

No, you don’t need any custom renderers.

I think there is some type of misunderstanding.

So what exactly have you entered in the tab “Columns” of your configuration with the name “multi”?

Currently, I already have this view:

I have two columns: Name and Content


Content column has Renderer

and renderChunk template