MigX grid not rendering checkmark image,

Hello, I am having a bit of an issue when exploring migx. I would like to know if this is a known issue or this is unique in my environment. Thanks for your help!

Also, is there a “cheat sheet” of some sort for a list of renderers and when how to use them? So far I came across this.renderImage and this.renderSwitchStatusOptions by reading document, or do I need to read the source?


Check.png, crossed.png etc., in tv grid is not rendering until browser is refreshed.

Step to reproduce

I am following migX tutorial MIGX.sortable resourcelist

Observed behavior

When data is entered and saved, published column image does not display. It shows broken image link and number 1. Looking at the html element in console, I see img src=“undefined” instead of “…/tick.png”. This will be replaced with “tick.png” once I reload the manager page (hitting F5) and back to TV tab.

Expected behavior

See the tick image when I save tv


MODX 3.03, MIGX 3.01Beta. PHP 7.4

Is this the same issue as this?

I don’t think so. With MIGX, reading the source is often the best option.
You can also create custom renderers for your specific use case.