MIGX Filter Question

I have a migx field called date that is rendered on the front end with

[[+date:strtotime:date=`%a %b %d, %Y`]]

The template in use contains a getresources call, and in turn its tpl chunk holds the getImageList call.

I would like to filter the output such that only items where the month (%b) is equal to May are rendered.

I used &where={"date:strtotime:date:="%b":="May"} in the getImagesList call, to no effect.

Is it possible to use &where in this fashion?

that’s not possible with where. You can walk through the MIGX - json with your own snippet and filter the items instead of using getImageList or you could show/hide the output of each item with an output - filter within your tpl - chunk

Bruno, thanks for the response. The chunk works great – much appreciated.

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