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MIGX - error when Add Item

I got an error like this when Add Item :slight_smile:

Loading takes very long and doesn’t stop

And an error appears like this when inspect elements.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Uncaught TypeError: this.mask.addClass is not a function
at S.onShow (modx.window.js:60)
at S.afterShow (ext-all.js:21)
at (ext-all.js:21)
at (ext-all.js:21)
at MODx.onAjaxException (modx.js?v=e2980a29:122)
at (ext-all.js:21)
at (ext-all.js:21)
at (ext-all.js:21)
at f (ext-base.js:21)
at m (ext-base.js:21)

Can anyone help me?


change permission for Folder Access to 755