Migx - combobox - error

Hi. Help please in my problem. I not can create Filter by Brend.
After i create DB Filter in MIGX - I have error Access denied. “Autorization”

  1. in XML Shema i have <field key="brend" dbtype="varchar" precision="30" phptype="string" null="false" default="0" />
  1. in MIGXdb-Setting i have Package: myagh; Classname: MyaghCo

  1. and after i click to my Resources - I have this Error
    Буфер обмена014

in Chrom i have error - Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 () /assets/components/migx/connector.php:1

  1. I close windows error - not enter user and password, and i have good working Filter Brend, but I have error in Chrom this modx.combo.js:114
    Буфер обмена01777

Combobox working, but I have Error Autorization and process filter in Resources

Hi there, any error on your modx log or server log?

are you logged in as admin with full admin permissions?

Error Log in Modx is clear. In server - nothing.

Yes. Only I`m Admin. No other users
User Group - Administrator, Role - Super User, Rank - 0

Access Control Lists
Admin - Active Permissions ----- 184 of 184