MIGX blank page with modx-3-alpha

When going to MIGX extension, blank page is displayed.
Looking to the developper console :
Request URL : https://mywebsite/manager/?a=index&namespace=migx&configs=packagemanager||migxconfigs||setup
[HTTP/2.0 500 Internal Server Error 81ms]

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Trying to create a new ressource and I got this error in system log :

PHP Fatal error: Class ā€˜modTemplateVarInputRenderā€™ not found in /home/website/core/components/migx/model/migx/migxinputrender.class.php on line 11


in MODX 3 is now


That seems like a prime candidate for adding to the class aliases in alpha2, though, as extending modTemplateVarInputRender is a pretty standard function. Thereā€™s a couple of other TV-related classes that would be good to add.

Maybe we can release a compatibility extra providing those aliases and/or other extra specific fixes?