MIGX backend sorting

Ok, I am honestly shocked there’s not an easy resolution to this. I’ve googled endlessly and am either missing something simple or no one has asked the question clearly, which I will now try to do.

Does anyone know how to sort the migx tables on the BACKEND by a specific field with ASC or DESC order? (PERMANENTLY vs clicking the header sorting everytime)

I am trying to use a “date” fieldname within a specific config BUT I would be fine with a global tweak to switch the display order of ALL migx tables. And better yet, by a specific field other than the first one.

All migx tables currently seem to sort by the first field in ASC order.

Please, for the love of God, someone confirm this is existing, easy and how to address it. Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

You should be able to hover over any fieldname and select your required sorting from the little dropdown arrow. You can also sort all entries via drag & drop.


Hi Vibe. This is a temporary fix which I acknowledged. I need to change/designate the default sorting option (permanent until sorted otherwise like you suggest). As of now, when I refresh the page it will go back to the other default sorting.

I see what you mean now… The only thing which keeps the sorting is drag & drop. Not sure if there’s another way. Maybe @bruno17 can help out?

MIGX is designed to order items by drag n drop and stores its items as one json-string into one TV in that order.
There is no implemented way to disable the natural sorting and sort by a field in the backend. If you would do that and save the resource the drag/drop - sorting would be lost.

If you need sorting by fields, you may think about storing your items into custom-tables and use MIGXdb instaed.

Hmm, could a snippet get the MIGX items from the json and then do the sorting?