Migrating to Articles from GetResources

Hi There,

I recently created a topic regarding an issue with Archivist while using PHP v7.2.

I have another site which runs archivist within Articles, and it’s fine, so I’m thinking of migrating my blog into Articles (Currently I’ve rolled my own using a combination of getResources, Collections, Tagger, Archivist etc).

The question is - I have a whole load of articles that are Standard Resources - can I convert them into Article Document types easily enough?

I can’t help you with your question, but I wanted to note that Articles can be a real pain to deal with, as it’s really hard to find and edit certain parts, if they are not present in the default settings. I’ve gone through this and usually found most of the things I needed, but if you are switching from an almost well running system, I would advise against Articles. You will kill a lot of time with this extra, so you need to evaluate if it’s more time consuming to fix your current issue or to build an entirely new setup.

Hmm OK thanks, will bear that in mind.

Just hit a dead end with the solution of the Archives issue, so trying to think of a work-around!

Sure! And Articles is a good extra, but it has it’s problems because nobody worked on it in a while. Maybe go for a little test run first to see if it works for you.

Yep - will dip my toe in the water! Just need to know if it’s possible to migrate standard resources into articles. Will give it a try

I recently pushed some updates for Articles and try to give it some attention now and then (I’m not the original author of the extra) but I wouldn’t suggest migrating from Collections to Articles.

For what reason do you want to migrate to Articles?

Thanks - great you are helping with the Articles Extra - thanks!!

The reason I was thinking of moving into Articles was due to Archivist no longer working since I upgraded to PHP 7.2. When I click on the ‘years’ link on the site, IU get a 500 error. If I changed the server back to PHP 7.0 (which is EOL) it works fine!

I know Articles uses Archivist too, but I have another site running on Articles and PHP 7.2 and the Archivist plugin works fine - so I wondered if Articles was somehow helping to make it work?

Clutching at straws though!

Is it possible to get the error message thrown when you try to run it on 7.2? Maybe we can fix it in Archivist.

I just tried the page, and check4d the error log - but it’s empty! Although I get a 500 error, it’s not being logged for some reason. I checked the system settings for debug, and it’s set to 1.

one error which keeps cropping up in Modx though is this - but I don’t think it’s related to the problem do you?
[2019-10-29 15:35:13] (ERROR @ /home/site/public_html/core/components/bigbrother/model/bigbrother/bigbrother.class.php : 398) PHP warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable [2019-10-29 15:36:23] (ERROR @ /home/site/public_html/core/cache/includes/elements/modsnippet/67.include.cache.php : 148) PHP warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

That error message is just a warning (due to a change in PHP 7.2). I guess it might possibly lead to the 500 error depending on how the result of the count() or sizeof() calls are used (sizeof() is an alias of count()). In your case, they would be returning 1 or 0 (most likely 1), instead of the actual count.

Make sure BigBrother is up to date. If it is, report the bug using the “support” link here: BigBrother.

It’s quite possible that the warning has nothing to do with your problem, though.

Try setting the log level to 4. There might then be a warning that offers a clue.