Migrate from an old Evo install to Revo with custom scripts

Hi, I setup, long time ago, an Evo website, pianoquintet.nl. On this website a couple of custom scripts are running. We are now facing a problem with an older Evo version and I can t upgrade without breaking these scripts. The scripts were created bij Bbloke, but he s realy too busy to upgrade these scrips.
Idea is to migrate the website to Modx Revo, layout might need some (perhaps a lot) of polishingh. Off course we will pay for this, that is, the owner of the site will. But we would like to get an estimate for this challenge. I would love to hear from someone, Frank Los.

You might consider the GoRevo extra. It won’t convert your custom scripts, but it will move the site for you.

BTW, for some reason Bitdefender is telling me your site is unsafe.

Hi Bob, that error might be due to index. Java.php? And there’s no certificate on the site. SSL breaks scripts too. Hence my request