Microsoft SMTP Mail Server problems

Hi all,

I’m trying to get Modx to send mail via the client’s SMTP server, as the php mailer wasn’t getting through their firewall.

I have a dedicated email address set up with all the credentials, but wondered if anyone has had issues with Microsoft Outlook mail servers before?

I’m using Bob’s brilliant Quick Email snippet to debug, but it just says ‘SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)’.

Below are the settings I’m using - anyone using Microsoft mail servers notice anything wrong here?

mail_smtp_auth	Yes
mail_smtp_autotls	Yes
mail_smtp_keepalive	No
mail_smtp_pass	********
mail_smtp_port	587
mail_smtp_secure	ssl
mail_smtp_single_to	No
mail_smtp_timeout	10
mail_use_smtp	Yes

Thanks guys!

I’ve also tried the mail server of:

But still the same error.

In this article

they write to set “SMTP Connection Prefix” (I think that’s the setting mail_smtp_secure now) to tls.
Maybe you could try that.

Boom. Sorted. Thanks Harry…!!!

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