Media source outside modx folder

I wanted to create new media source outside my modx folder to access folder “assets” on my server. Almost everything works well, but there is a problem with previewing files in manager as you cen see below. The same issue is in content text editors, like TinyMCE. Is there a solution for that?

phpthumb_allow_src_above_docroot set to TRUE

The problem is that you need a URL to access the images, not a file path. If they’re outside the server root, that’s not possible. If they’re below the server root, you might be able to set the Media Source’s baseUrl to a full URL and set baseUrlRelative to no.

Thanks for your reply. I followed your advice, saved new settings, cleared cache, but still miniatures in manager doesn’t show up. My ‘assets’ folder is inside server root.

Try manually deleting all files in the core/cache directory if you haven’t already.

If that doesn’t work, double-check the basePath, baseUrl, and other properties of the MediaSource.

If that doesn’t help, you may have discovered a bug.

If think if you use a relative path in “basePath” like ../../assets/, then you have to set “basePathRelative” to Yes.