Manager: problem with form customization

A strange phenomenon suddenly appears during an installation.

All templates and the chunks that I have stored in the “hidden” category are no longer visible in the backend manager. The category is also no longer displayed. I had created this category and assigned the templates/chunks using form customization so that only users with admin access can access them.

The “hidden” category exists in the database, as do all templates and chunks. They are only no longer displayed in the backend. In the frontend, the pages based on these templates do not work either.

Can anyone tell me how I can get them back into the backend?

Thank you very much in advance

MODX 3.03 pl
PHP 8.1.25

Have you tried disabling the form customization that has hidden them? It’s likely a problem with too-restrictive of permissions for hiding them. Can you share how you hid them exactly?

No, not yet. But I have only one rule and did not change it.

So I deleted this rule, cleared the cache - but nothing changed. The templates are stored in the database, that’s good. But I can’t access them in the backend.

Could an update of MODX itself help?

I really have no idea what happend to that installation.

I assume this used to work before.
So when exactly did it stop working? After you upgraded to MODX 3?

You could try upgrading to MODX 3.0.4. (But I can’t remember a bug concerning permissions that got fixed, so I doubt it will help.)

When you log in to the MODX manager with a user that has sudo rights (checkbox “ Sudo User” when editing a user), can you see the missing templates/chunks then?

No. It happend the last days. I’ve updated to MODX3 last year and everythings works fine until last week.

I can’t trace exactly what happened.

Someone of the users has messed up my admin account. I was able to create a new admin account in a way with an account which has not the full rights. But with this new account, the templates set to “hidden” and the “hidden” category were no longer accessible. Even though I used the correct rule for the ACLs. Something was fundamentally overwritten.

Today I was able to look at this together with a user who has the exact same rights from the beginning of the installation. With his access, both the “hidden” category and the templates stored in it are available and visible in the backend.
I have now “copied” this user access for myself, moved all templates to the root directory and deleted the “hidden” category. So far, the view in the backend is correct again. The rules for the form customization are also deleted. So nothing should cause problems.

But, however, there are still display problems in the frontend. I thik this is definitely not due to the form customization.