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Manager page show Blank - Empty page

Hi, everybody,

After moving my project online, my website shows corrrectly excep some bugs but the manager page showing Blank.
The install redirected me to /manager that’s a empty page. Can anyone help me to solve this.

Thank for the reading time.

If you open the developer tools of your browser (usually with Ctrl + Shift + I or F12), do you see any errors?

When you say “moving my project online” did you follow a process similar to the following:

You may also need to clear the cache manually which is located in core/cache/. It’s further possible you have issues with a Dashboard Widget causing a 500 but I’d clear out the cache first.

As Jay suggests, it could be a widget. The two MODX news feed have been known to not play nice with some dashboard widgets.

See this blog post.

Hi the error was Error 500 Internal Server Error

Thanks Bob, and to you all.
I solved the problem by just “reSetup” my install online with the second option (Upgrade Existing Install) and it works now perfectly.

Thanks to you all.

I’m glad you got it sorted. It’s odd that setup didn’t have that option set by default and the “new install” option grayed out.

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