manager as it just keeps reloading


I’ve recently upgraded my sites modx version and ever since i cant seem to login via the manager as it just keeps reloading, i’ve read all the support forums from people with similar issue and I haven’t been able to fix it.

Im getting no errors in the error log.

I transferred a demo over to our MODX Cloud account, and the upgrade was successful. However, when I try to replicate the upgrade on the client’s server, I keep encountering the same problem: the manager won’t log me in successfully and just keeps reloading the login page.

When I’ve seen this, I’ve actually successfully logged in, even though the login page is reloading. To check, try going to the URL of a manager page, like after the Login page reloads.

Since the site has been moved, run setup, then visit with your browser in incognito or private mode to rule out cache and cookie issues.

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