Manager - Adding custom information box

Hello to the community!

I’m using MODX 2.7.2 with Collections 3.7.1.

Some resources do have the resource-type “collection” and I would like to add some custom information for the end-user in the Manager about how to edit the content for this chosen collection. For other collections I would like to add different information.

Preferably I would like to add these informations right above the collections-grid.

I would also love to add some custom information on “normal” resources with some hints for the customer as well.

The content could come from other resources or from a hardcoded html-file… I don’t mind.

How can I achieve this? Using ExtJS? Or something different?

I found this from BobRay in the old forum:

You should be able to add data to the page with a plugin connected to OnDocFormPrerender without modifying the core code. You could also do it with JavaScript by using RegClientStartupScript() in the plugin.

The Plugin-way seems to me ExtJS-based?

Any hint for pointing me to the right direction is much appreciated as always!

This somehow leads to the direction of another topic i created on here: CMP? - adding new panel with TVs to resource-edit. But I couldn’t get this to work and this “case” is different i think…

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