Making your chang for the minihsop2 basket

Hi. Tell me how to make your chunk for the basket. I don’t understand how to formalize my chunk.

Can you show an example on the code how each item should be designed
I spent a lot of time making out my chunk following the example of tpl.msCart, but in the end I only have a placeholder that I prescribed like this [[+total.cost]], but the products themselves are not displayed))) Damn, I’m doing a minishop for the second time

  <!--push menu cart -->
    <div class="pushmenu pushmenu-left cart-box-container">
        <div class="cart-list">
            <span class="close-left js-close">x</span>
            <h3 class="cart-title">Your Cart1</h3>
            <ul class="list">
                    <a href="#" title="" class="cart-product-image"><img src="img/cart_1.jpg" alt="Product"></a>
                    <div class="text">
                        <p class="product-title">Rose Gold Natural Band Watch</p>
                        <p class="product-price">$295.00</p>
                        <div class="quantity input-group">
                            <button type="button" class="quantity-left-minus btn btn-number js-minus" data-type="minus" data-field="">
                                <span class="minus-icon">-</span>
                            <input type="text" name="number" value="1" class="product_quantity_number js-number">
                            <button type="button" class="quantity-right-plus btn btn-number js-plus" data-type="plus" data-field="">
                                <span class="plus-icon">+</span>
                        <div class="clearfix"></div>
            <div class="cart-bottom">
                <p class="total"><span>Subtotal</span> $560.00</p>
                <div class="cart-button">
                    <a class="checkout" href="#" title="">Check out</a>
                    <a class="edit-cart" href="#" title="edit cart">Edit cart</a>
                <a href="#" class="text">Our Shipping & Return Policy</a>
            <!-- End cart bottom -->
    <!-- End cart -->

Minishop 2 is one of those MODX extras that is developed by russians and mainly used by the russian MODX community.

As you seem to speak russian, I’d suggest asking your question in the russian MODX forum:

There, Minishop 2 is a very common topic.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of the regular users in this forum (or at least the ones that answer most of the questions) use Minishop 2.

and what do you use for online stores?

Just speaking for myself: We hardly create any websites that require a store. And usually switch to another CMS, if a store is needed.

There also exists the paid extra Commerce.

Minishop 2 is a great extra. It’s just that a lot of the documentation/tutorials/discussion about it is exclusively in russian. And to my knowledge, the existing payment solutions are mostly for the russian market as well.