Mailing list style governance model - public edition

Earlier today I posted this topic in the Governance category:

That category is only accessible for people part of the first MAB, and as I already received a direct message about it from someone without post access to that category, I just wanted to open this public thread as a way of giving the wider community a chance to voice their thoughts.

So… thoughts?


+1. It sounds good to me.

Have to admit… I was expecting a bit more responses to a MAB-related proposal :wink:

I’m all for this! Sorry I saw the restricted post but not this one.

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I’m all for this. The current format felt too much like a secret society.

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Not much of a secret society if you’ve heard of it :wink:

I think the basic idea of the MAB is to have a group of trusted people to discuss and decide on topics for the benefit of the community. An independent, not too large, group from a cross-section of the community to set the direction for the open source project.

It’s definitely an easier thing to come up with than to actually have working effectively, so there have been a few different attempts with their own rules and people.

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