Looking for experienced enterprise-level companies we might send RFQs to

What do you need?
My organization will be needing a new website soon. I really like ModX, so I am interested in any companies that could develop an enterprise-level design/build. Our IT team would like to work along-side this company, and be able to also create templates, have admin access, etc. (In other words we do not want to be locked out of admin features, but we’d like expert help, especially designing custom snippets, if needed.) We are looking to contract a company that is expert-level, who can provide support for years to come.

If you could send me your company info, a website, a portfolio, and maybe some stats on the size of your company, your experience with the platform, etc, it will help me in my research efforts. I’d also like to know what you can offer in terms of support, security, etc. If my boss is interested, we may reach out for a call.

When do you need it?
There is not a set deadline right now, and if you think it will take you some time to gather all requested info, just let me know you are interested and send over what you can. You can let me know when you can send over the rest.

What is your budget, in $USD (or local currency) that you can offer for this task?
My organization has a generous budget of over $30,000 for a build, and over $7,000 for yearly support contract. While I do not want to mention the exact limits of our entire budget, it is substantial. Once I know more about your company, I may at that point reach out. We will send out (Requests for Quotes) RFQs later in the process.


Hi @julissar ! I see that you are looking for Modx team with experience in enterprise level website design/build. Is this still relevant?
DM me (@emalonzo) if you have any details of the scope of work and we will go from there. Looking forward to hear from you!