Longterm work worries

So I am planning to spend some time to learn the basics of Javascript (I never really learned it started with jQuery)
and maybe after that learn Angular or React.

Anybody know the best place to learn?
Want to do it at my office, 1-2 days a week max.
And have something to show for it once I am done.

Looking at the One Month course and I think that could work… Anybody have tips?

I am noticing that the amount of work for ‘just HTML and CSS’ web design work is going down, maybe it’s just a temporary low. But I am worried a bit and think I need to improve my skills to be able to keep working the way I am.

A other option is for me and my business to focus more on consulting and project management. But as a 1 man company getting larger projects is hard.

Any brainstorming and feedback is appreciated, I am just sharing my thoughts here. Thx.

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JavaScript can seem daunting when you’re coming from HTML and CSS but honestly it’s more intimidating than it actually is. ES6 particuarly is really straight forward and you’ll soon get comfortable with OOP throwing data objects around into different functions and what not.

I can’t recommend Brad Traversy enough he has a really great fundamentals javascript course available on udemy which I still sometimes reference these days. There are loads of great resources and teachers on youtube though such as wes bos, brad traversy, dev ed and so on. You’ll also find learning something like React really easy once you’ve gotten to grips with ES6 :slight_smile:

Additionally, we really are in a development gold rush at the moment. There are not enough developers to keep up with the demand and knowing good solid javascript, especially with a framework like react, will leave you high in demand.

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Epic there is a special now… 9.99 for the whole course.

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haha yeah udemy ALWAYS has offers on :wink: I really can’t recommend that course enough though if you want to get started with modern javascript. you won’t regret it :slight_smile:

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This is a GREAT resource too:

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Brad is the best, with his calm demeanor. I got a hang of Symfony in one day from his youtube channel

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We should make some tech climbing ladders, steps from where you are to something more