Login.Register registration form with ClassExtender post hook not populating the extended fields

The user is created, all of the non custom fields go in fine, but the extended fields remain blank. I am using the ExtUserREgisterPosthook, and eveything is named correctly. All the other snippets that i have used from ClassExtender worked just fine.
I would appreciate any assistance or insights.

[[!Register? &submittedResourceId=`1` &activation=`0` &submitVar=`loginRegisterBtn` &useExtended=`0` &placeholderPrefix=`reg.` &postHooks=`ExtUserRegisterPosthook`]]

Using Login plugin,ClassExtender, and Parsley.js (multipart form)
MODx version 2.7.2
Everything up to date

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i figured it out, not only does the name of the submit button have to be ‘loginRegisterBtn’ the value of the submit button has to be ‘Register’ or else the snippet doesn’t work

$submission = isset($_POST['loginRegisterBtn']) && ($_POST['loginRegisterBtn'] == 'Register');

you can change that in the line of code above in the ExtUserRegisterPosthook snippet


Thanks for reporting back. I’m sure that will help others. :slight_smile:


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