Login plugin pages redirect to homepage

Everytime is try to view the update profile page and the user home page that use the corresponding snippets from the login plugin the automatically redirect to the home page of the website. This just started happening out of no where and i would love some help if possible.

Both snippets are at the defaults except for &useExtended which i have removed to see if that was the problem:
[[!Profile? &useExtended=1]]
[[!UpdateProfile? &useExtended=1]]

MODX version: 2.7.2
all plugins up to date

Thanks in advance.

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any errors in the modx log or in the dev console?

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modplugin/10.include.cache.php : 50) PHP warning: array_search() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given

seems to be an Archivist error defining the $alias variable

foreach ($archiveIds as $archive) {
    $archive = explode(':',$archive);
    $archiveId = $archive[0];
    $alias = array_search($archiveId,$modx->aliasMap);
    if ($alias && strpos($search,$alias) !== false) {
        $search = str_replace($alias,'',$search);
        $resourceId = $archiveId;
        if (isset($archive[1])) $prefix = $archive[1];

i uninstalled the plugin since im not using it and everything seems to be working now.

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