Login extra Register - disable blacklisted IP check

Hi folks,

I have a Registration form that fails silently. I enter the same info and I get through. I can pinpoint this down to the IP address and I see it is on 2 blacklists. Is there a way to disable Register’s check for blacklisted IPs? Its not in my snippet settings and seems to be built in.


I don’t think the Register snippet of the Login extra checks IP addresses by default.
The only code I could find that does something like that, is the spam hook and I’m pretty sure you have to explicitly set that in your snippet call.

Ok fair enough but I’m wondering why one client with one IP will fail with registration and the another IP work without issue using the same details.

I agree that it’s unlikely to be a problem with the Register snippet.

Could it be that once a user has registered, no other user can register with the same credentials. Even if the first user is deleted, their info might remain in the cache.

If it’s not that, I’ve never heard of this, and it’s kind of far-fetched, but I wonder if it could be a mod_security feature where users from banned IPs can visit the site, but if they try submit a form with a password field, the server intervenes.

They do have a firewall and I think that could be it.