Localization and translations

“I have a prejudice against people who print things in a foreign language and add no translation. When I am the reader, and the other considers me able to do the translating myself, he pays me the quite a nice compliment - but if he would do the translating for me I would try to get along without the compliment.”
Mark Twain

Hi there,

I decided to study how things are with the localization of basic MODX dictionaries for different languages.

29 languages + basic English, MODX is completely localized for three (Russian, Swedish, German, highlighted in green), high degree of readiness (just took what’s more than 70%) - there are 13 more, the rest ones are a bit in trouble.

I won’t say anything new, but (leaving aside functionality questions) the presence of localization for popular languages (documentation as well, but here is a separate looong song :slight_smile: - problems of newbies entry, lack of manuals for other languages, etc. - everything we have here in Slavonian region of Eastern Europe) - gives seriousness to the product, portability in local markets, other business goals, here marketers and salespeople will say better. Well, MODX captains apparently also know what is needed.

Long-awaited MODX Digital SnowUp (March 4th and 5th 2021) is coming, in the light of it I would urge and consider it’ll be great and useful (yes, we can wait more, but sooner better than later :slight_smile: ) to supplement MODX dictionaries localization as much as possible. It’s not difficult at all! Everyone could make their significant contribution to MODX development.

You can read more about how to translate through CrowdIn here: https://docs.modx.com/current/en/contribute/translate

As a first approximation and with use of online translator your translation will almost certainly be better than nothing (I mean pure English of course). I think we can talk here not about an ideal translation right away, in the future we can always make further adjustments.

It seems to me that this is a free opportunity to improve your translation skills (people sometimes pay a lot of money for this :)) You can practice with some “exotic” languages as well.

In conclusion, I would like to say - they want to “get the MODX Community blood pumping again”, let’s help us all!

MODX3 rocks :slight_smile:

P.S. As for me, our Russian translation has already been completed - thanks to the enthusiasm of my colleagues - so I continue to translate Ukrainian, fortunately, I once diligently studied it at school.