Llistbox-multiple with comma in the value does not save (or not set as selected on return)


I created a migx with a listbox-multiple field. the set the inputoptions to: 1||2,2||3==3,3||4,4==4
All the options are selectable but the values that have a comma in it will not be saved, or at least it will not be selected when you return to edit that entry, I think that it does save in the database.

Now I created a tv also, but there I get the same results, So I think thats its a problem within that ext.Js object?

1 and 4,4 are saved (4,4 is the key not the value, the value is 4 that’s why it is saved)
2,2 and 3 are not saved (3 is not saved because the value is 3,3)

The problem seems to be, that here in the code all the values are joined into 1 string with a comma as a separator.

Later this string is split again to add the existing values to the component.

This obviously fails when the values contain commas.

I doubt if this will work, but it might be worth a try: