Live filter for Migx results

Hi all - has anyone created a live filter for Migx at all?
So I have a MIGX TV set up for all team members.
I want the user to be able to filter them manually via a SELECT by criteria from the fields in the migx TV.

For example, ‘Department’ and ‘Job Title’.

Would also be good if there’s a field where the user could type the name of the user to filter by name too.

I thought I could use getImageList to compile the SELECT menus, but it brings in duplicates (one for each entry).

I thought it would be simple, but getting in a pickle!

Any ideas?


You could create a snippet, then use $modx->runSnippet(('getImageList', [...]); to run “getImageList” in the snippet.
Set the property “outputSeparator” for example to ||.
Create an array from the response with explode() and the separator ||.
Then remove the duplicates with array_unique() and maybe sort the array.

Or alternatively write a custom snippet that iterates all the JSON data from the TV.

In general, it’s better to use MIGXdb if you want to be able to filter the data easily.

Ah Ok thanks Harry - I’ve never got round to learning MIGXdb.
I guess it’s time to take a look!