Lingua - Chinese language characters not displaying Correctly

I’ve just installed Lingua on a new site. Within the extra where the languages are specified, these two languages are not showing the proper characters. On my other site, with the same version of lingua and modx they display correctly.


On the front-end, the Chinese symbols display as question marks–on three different browsers.

I checked the system settings, both sites have character encoding set to UTF-8. The database character set is utf8 as reported in the Modx reports–system info.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Have you looked at the DB and the individual tables and their text fields in PhpMyAdmin (on the structure tab)?

The tables and the text fields inside the tables don’t necessarily match the DB character set.

FYI, if you have the urge to modify anything, be sure to back up the whole DB first.

Bob, the DB tables have a mix of uft8_general_ci and latin1_swedish_c1. The Linga tables have the later.

Is this the source of the problem? If so how do we fix it?

I suspect that that’s your issue. The fix is usually not trivial. There’s more info here.

Whether it works depends on the actual content of those fields (i.e., is it utf8 data in a latin1 table, or is it latin1 data in a latin one table being messed up by the site’s utf8 setting).