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Limiting or Excluding Specific Resource ID's in AdvSearch

I have some specific pages that I want to limit/not show up in the search results of AdvSearch. One of the pages that I would like to eliminate is a test page that is set as hidden from Menus, but still shows up.

I cannot seem to find any information on doing this. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?


Each resource has a searchable option - try disabling that on the settings tab for the resource. I’m pretty sure AdvSearch automatically filters on those.

Thanks Mark…

You are correct, but I couldn’t find the searchable option under the Resource settings…that is what I was missing.

In order to see that option I had to “Right Click” on the Resource and click the “Quick Update” then the settings tab there in order to see the searchable option check box.

Do you use Manager Customization? Maybe verify that the checkbox for “modx-page-settings-right-box-left” -> “searchable” is checked.

I don’t know what the above references, but I do not use any Manager Customization’s. As I mentioned, the only way I was able to see the “Searchable” check box was to use the “Quick Update” feature.