Json feed for dynamic areas

I hope this in the correct area, but Im trying to create an RSS type feed using json (client vendor request) which would pull this info in specific areas of the website (like promotions)

         cta: “READ MORE",
         id: “j23riu32yef97wdhuvinkj",
         link: "https://www.website.com/promotion.html",
         thumbnail: "https://www.website.com/imageThumbnail.jpg",
         title: “Title"

Im pretty versed in getresources, getpage, and creating an rss feed. Im just not sure if simply selecting json in the Content Type would suffice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help

Can you explain what you’re trying to do a bit more? The Content Type field will change the HTTP Content-Type header but I don’t think this will have much impact if you’re just pulling the content in via getResources or something like that. If you’re publishing an RSS feed then setting the Content Type to RSS is probably your best bet.