Issues with latest GPM


I have the same error message like in closed thread:

But can’t solve it with --corePath option.

same with --help:

[root@centos8 bin]# ./gpm gpm:install --help

Fatal error: Uncaught MODX\Revolution\Services\NotFoundException: Dependency not found with key GPM\Operations\ParseSchema. in /www/modx3/core/src/Revolution/Services/Container.php:34
Stack trace:
#0 /www/modx3/bin/gpm.php(35): MODX\Revolution\Services\Container->get('GPM\\Operations\\...')
#1 /www/modx3/bin/gpm(3): require('/www/modx3/bin/...')
#2 {main}
  thrown in /www/modx3/core/src/Revolution/Services/Container.php on line 34

thank your for help in advance.


I’m a bit confused about your paths.
So your MODX installation is in /www/modx3/.
And where is your cloned GPM repository? Also in /www/modx3/? Shouldn’t this be in a separate folder like e.g. /www/gpm/?

oh my dear…

sorry, thank you for help